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Dr Mark Weyers

Dr Weyers is an Education Scientist and the Chief Innovation Officer for BCI Institute.


  • Esports bridges the STEM (and STEAM) skills gap by attracting students with the appeal of cutting-edge technology
  • More than 60% of competitive "League of Legends" players major in STEM subjects as undergraduates.
  • In addition to direct game and industry skills learned
    through esports, players build many transferable high
    demand skills including team management,
    communications, and numeracy.

An Overview of Esports

Opportunities for Esports scholarships


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Incubation to acceleration

Esports players develop key skills beyond playing video games.  Players learn a gamut of transferable skills and develop improved cognitive capabilities all of which are incorporated into IQ’s comprehensive curriculum.

These benefits have been recognized by Ontario’s Ministry of Education as a component of their vision for students’ 21st Century Competencies (at right).

Video games are also a natural tie in to the arts. This is deeper than visual and aural. They can tell compelling stories using known mythologies (like the hero’s journey) while giving the player agency over the story’s progress.


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